24 of May, 2014

SQLab Navi Painted by me

23 of May, 2014

There’s 3 SQLab Navi cuties in house! One belongs to my room mate but I thought it’d be cute to see them all together.

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15 of May, 2014

Delf Miyu Painted by me

15 of May, 2014

Fairyland Feeple60 Chloe painted by me

14 of May, 2014

Leekeworld Arien painted by me

27 of April, 2014

MNF Rheia with a manicure set painted by me.

26 of April, 2014

Migidoll Mu painted by me.

26 of April, 2014

Supia Roda painted by me.

Based off of Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn

No slots for June

26 of April, 2014

Hey guys!

In an effort to hopefully reduce future wait times and help synchronize everything. I’m changing up when I release my slots. The old way where I opened up slots a month ahead was a left over habit from when I used to have a waiting list and now its a little redundant.

So future slot openings will be given my address right away when I confirm their slot and expected to ship within 1-2 weeks (So same protocol as before just without that pesky month wait between slot confirmation and when I give my address)

So about the title of this post, I will not be opening any slots for June. I hope to use that month to finish up the backlog so I can start fresh in July and hopefully shave a week or two off the future wait time (Maybe even take a break for a week or two haha). Sorry for anyone who was planning on grabbing a June slot!! 

On the note about slots, I have noticed I fill up very quick now and I’m always trying to make sure everyone has a fair chance at a slot.

Now I realize there’s a demand out there for waitlists, I used to have one back in the day but it wasn’t a system I enjoyed. Too many people would change their mind or sell the doll after the wait which wasted a lot of time, plus I feel now a days with the limited amount of faceups I can accept at a time (about 4-5 a month) that the waiting list would easily span several months and I’m not comfortable making someone feel committed for that long.

So other then a waitlist, is there any method you feel would be better? 

25 of April, 2014

Volks Lorina painted by me